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Are you interested in creating PediaPress-like publications for your own organization? PediaPress can do more than just create personal books from Wikipedia. Whether you want to use the collection extension for your internal wiki or generate individualized documents automatically, PediaPress might be just what you have been looking for - even if you do not use MediaWiki. We offer consulting, customization, and support for advanced document transformation solutions.

Automatic Document Transformation and Creation

We are experts for the automatic transformation of documents between various formats.

We have extensive experience in transforming the following formats:

  • Mediawiki -> PDF, ePub, OpenDocument
  • PDF -> HTML, ePUB
  • Web content -> PDF, MS PowerPoint
  • Scanned Content -> OCR -> Text, HTML, ePUB

Semantic Analysis and Interpretation

The primary focus of traditional document conversion software has been to replicate the visual appearance of a source file in a newly created destination format. During this process, the semantical structure of the source often becomes severly distorted or completely destroyed.

The transformation tools we create at PediaPress either leave the existing semantic structures intact or are even infer a semantic structure from the visual logic of a document. This approach allows us to generate lean and clean meaningful EPUBs or HTML from PDF files or scanned content.

Transformation to PDF

PDF ist the industry standard for high-quality print output. Our toolkit encompasses a variety of tools and techiques, which enable us to generate PDF documents from various sources:

  • LaTeX
  • Print "Print with CSS"
  • ReportLab, WeasyPrint

None of the above would be possible without a profound knowledge of quite a few key technologies and concepts:

  • XML, XPath, XSLT
  • Python
  • Wikis

Fun Facts

We created the PDF export feature for Wikipedia which has been in use since 2009. On average, more than 100.000 documents are downloaded from Wikipedia per day! This is more than 1 PDF per second. In total, our software has therefore produced almost 200 million documents.

One Source Print on Demand

PediaPress offers true one-source publishing. All content can be authored and maintained in a single source, e.g. in a Wiki or a Website. Our software can then fetch the content and convert it to PDF and even to printed books.

Due to the individual compilation of content and "on demand" print production, you can save production and storage costs. Moreover, you can ensure that you are publishing only up-to-date information.

We also create web interfaces that allow users to compile books and order printed copies completely by themselves. By implementing a self-service book export for your service, you can free yourself from administrative tasks and realize further cost savings.

The Wikipedia book export we have developed is probably the biggest Print on Demand Showcase worldwide. The underlying software can be adapted to work with basically any content-source. It is irrelevant whether your content is located in your wiki or intranet - we can offer PDF export and print production for any website.


"He who writes, remains." is a common proverb in Germany. Despite the enthusiasm for a paperless office, written copies are still mandatory in many areas:

  • Manuals
  • Guidelines
  • Reports
  • Documentation
  • Archives

PediaPress offers a highly customizable print product that will fit the demands of your business.

Print-on-Demand Partner

We work with leading print on demand providers worldwide. This enables us to offer attractive financial conditions, short production cycles, and efficient shipping logistics at almost any location in the world.

All of our printing partners are FSC ®-certified and only use paper from renewable production.

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