Book “Beginner's Guide to Finding Legal Information”

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Beginner's Guide to Finding Legal Information

A how-to for legal research and representing yourself in court in British Columbia


Book size: ca. 66 pages


  • Introduction to Beginner's Guide to Finding Legal Information
  • Chapter: Understanding the Law
  • How the Law Works in Canada
  • Chapter: Understanding Your Legal Problem
  • What Is My Legal Topic and What Are My Rights?
  • Which Area of Law Does My Problem Fall Under?
  • How Do I Find the Laws That Concern My Legal Problem?
  • Chapter: Taking Action
  • Do I Need to Go to Court?
  • Which Court Do I Need to Go to?
  • How Do I Find Court Forms?
  • How Do I Find Case Law?
  • How Do I Find Out About Court Procedures?
  • Where Can I Find Help with My Legal Problem?
  • Chapter: Using Legal Information
  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Resources and How to Find Them
  • How Can I Tell If a Secondary Resource Is Reliable or If I Should Use It?
  • Recommended Secondary Resources