Book “Societies Act FAQs”

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Societies Act FAQs


Book size: ca. 85 pages


  • Introduction to Societies Act FAQs
  • Chapter: Part One: Incorporating a Non-Profit Society
  • Societies, Charities, and Federal Not-For-Profit Corporations - What's the Difference?
  • Set up a Societies Online Account
  • Choose a Name
  • Draft a Constitution
  • Draft Bylaws
  • Select Applying Directors
  • Member-Funded Societies
  • Chapter: Part Two: Managing a Non-Profit Society
  • Member Rights and Participation
  • Meetings of Members (AGM, SGM)
  • Directors: Eligibility, Duties, Liability, Remuneration, Conflicts of Interest
  • Meetings of Directors
  • Senior Managers and Officers
  • Recordkeeping and Privacy
  • Finances and Borrowing
  • Audits and Auditor
  • Seal
  • Chapter: Part Three: Dissolving a Non-Profit Society
  • Dissolution Process
  • Chapter: Appendices
  • If You Have Not Yet Transitioned to the New Act