Book “Legal Help for British Columbians”

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Legal Help for British Columbians

A guide to help non-legal professionals make legal referrals for their clients


Book size: ca. 292 pages


  • Introduction to Legal Help for British Columbians
  • Chapter: Getting Started
  • Know Any Good Lawyers?
  • Chapter: Part 1: Common Legal Problems
  • Chapter: Complaints of Abuse by Authorities
  • Complaints about Police and Other Authorities
  • I Was Harassed or Assaulted by the Police
  • A Provincial Government Worker Was Abusive to Me
  • A Federal Government Worker Was Abusive to Me
  • I Was Abused in a Residential School
  • Chapter: Consumer and Debt
  • Consumer and Debt Problems
  • I Don't Have Enough Money to Pay My Debts
  • The Bank Is Threatening Foreclosure on My Home
  • A Debt Collector Is Harassing Me
  • I Bought a Product from a Door-to-Door Salesperson and No Longer Want It
  • My Car Broke Down and the Dealer Won't Fix It
  • I Want to Get out of My Cellphone Contract
  • Chapter: Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law Problems
  • I've Been Charged with a Criminal (or Youth) Offence and Have to Go to Court
  • I Have Been Offered "Diversion", "Restorative Justice" or "Alternative Measures"
  • I Want to Change My Release Conditions so I Can Have Contact with My Spouse or Children
  • I Was Charged out-of-Town and Want to Move the Case Closer to Home
  • I Want to Have My Criminal Record Removed
  • I Want My Criminal Case to Be Dealt with in First Nations Court
  • Chapter: Employment Law
  • Employment Law Problems
  • My Employer Isn't Paying My Wages
  • I Have Been Dismissed (Fired) without Just Cause
  • I've Been Turned Down for Employment Insurance Benefits
  • I've Been Cut off Workers' Compensation Benefits
  • Chapter: Family Law
  • Family Law Problems
  • I Have a Family Problem and I Want to Resolve It out of Court
  • I Just Separated from the Other Parent of My Children
  • My Partner Is Abusing Me and My Kids
  • My Ex Is Not Paying Child Support
  • I Am Having Challenges with My Children and Don't Want the Ministry to Remove Them
  • The Ministry Has Taken My Kids
  • Chapter: Housing
  • Housing Problems
  • My Landlord Wants to Enter My Unit without My Permission
  • My Landlord Wants to Evict Me
  • My Landlord Wants to Keep My Deposit
  • Chapter: Human Rights
  • Human Rights Problems
  • I Am Being Discriminated against or Sexually Harassed
  • Chapter: Immigration Law
  • Immigration Law Problems
  • I Want to Claim Refugee Status in Canada
  • I'm a Permanent Resident and Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offence
  • My Husband Sponsored Me and We Have Now Separated
  • Chapter: Mental Health
  • Mental Health Law Problems
  • A Relative Has Been Held against Their Will in a Mental Health Facility
  • Chapter: Personal Planning
  • Personal Planning Problems
  • I Want to Get My Affairs in Order in Case I Become Incapable
  • I Want to Help a Friend or Relative Manage Their Affairs
  • Chapter: Suing and Being Sued
  • Suing and Being Sued
  • I Am Being Sued — What Should I Expect?
  • I Need to Take Someone to Court — What's the Process?
  • Chapter: Welfare and Disability
  • Welfare and Disability Problems
  • I Have No Money for Food or Shelter
  • I Have Been Denied or Cut off Welfare
  • I Need to Apply for Disability Benefits
  • I'm Being Investigated by the Welfare Ministry
  • Chapter: Wills and Estates
  • Wills and Estates Problems
  • I Want to Write a Will
  • I Am the Executor or Administrator of an Estate
  • Chapter: Part 2: Legal Resource List
  • Resource List for Legal Help for British Columbians
  • Duty Counsel
  • Legal Aid Representation
  • Private Bar Lawyers
  • Chapter: Part 3: Preparing for Your Interview
  • Preparing for Your Interview
  • Chapter: About
  • Legal Help Guide Contributors